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Activities of HyLEF

The team:



Post docs: 


        Otávio Menezes                 Leonardo de Carlo          Chiara Franceschini














PhD students:



                Stefano Scotta                  Renato de Paula               






















                Rodrigo Marinho               Pedro Cardoso























        Mariana Tavares















Seminars and mini-courses at IST:



Visit of Adriana Neumann (UFRGS - Brazil) to IST.


Visit of Cristian Giardina (University of Modena) to IST.

Visit of Cedric Bernardin (University of Nice) to IST.

Visit of Pietro Caputo (Roma tre) to IST. Visit of Gioia Carinci (Delft University) to IST.

Visit of Conrado Costa (Durham University) to IST.

Visit of Clément Erignoux (Roma tre) to IST.

Visit of Ofer Busani (Bristol University) to IST.

Visit of Federico Sau (IST Viena) to IST February 2019.

Visit of Joe Chen (Colgate University) to IST January 2019. 




Visit of Claudio Landim to IST 1st-18th December 2018. 

Visit of Adriana Neumann to IST 14th-20th October 2018. 

Visit of Franco Severo to IST 9th-15th October 2018. 

Visit of Adriana Neumann to IST April 2018. 

Visit of Tertuliano Franco to IST April 2018. 


Otávio Menezes:

Mini-course at CAMGSD from 1st March - 31 July 2018.

Title: Entropy methods in particle systems 





Otávio Menezes:

Seminar at CAMGSD on 15th December 2017.

Title: Invariance principle for a slowed random walk driven by symmetric exclusion. 


Mariana Tavares

Seminar at IST on 13th December 2017.

Title: Scaling limits for d-dimensional symmetric exclusion process with a slow membrane.


Leonardo de Carlo:

Seminar at CAMGSD on 21st November 2017.

Title: Geometric and combinatoric structures in stationary Markov chains. 


Visit of Milton Jara to IST 3 November - 18 December 2017. 

Mini-course at CAMGSD from 13th November to 16th November.

Title: Entropy methods in particle systems


Visit of Adriana Neumann to IST 10-20 October 2017. 

Seminar at CAMGSD on 17th October.

Title: Asymptotic behavior of exclusion process with slow boundary






Advertisement for a Postdoc position


One post-doctoral position is available from September 2018, (but a different date may be arranged) within the research program on Hydrodynamic Limits and Equilibrium Fluctuations: universality from stochastic systems:


The duration of the post-doctoral position is for 12 months (with possible extension for more 12 months). The fellowships are funded by the European Research Council starting grant HyLEF of Patrícia Gonçalves.


The post-doctoral fellows will be working in one of the following topics:


- Hydrodynamic limits

- The universality of the KPZ equation from microscopic systems

- Universality classes of systems with several conservation laws


at the Mathematics Department of Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon:


The post-doctoral fellow will receive a salary of 1495€ per month and considerable financial support to attend conferences and workshops will be granted.


The application dossier consisting of


1. a detailed curriculum vitae

2. a brief research statement (up to 2 pages)

3. copy of the official Ph.D. diploma

4. a list of publications

5. Formulario B1 – Candidatura a Bolsa de Investigação,

you can get it from here (


should be submitted by the candidate before 15th may 2018 to the email


Two recommendation letters are required and should be sent directly from the referees to the email above, before the deadline. 


After the 1st evaluation, the candidates that stay on the short list will have an interview by skype between 1st-5th June 2018.


If you have any question regarding the application procedure please send an email to


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