Welcome to my webpage. I am a probabilist, working on the derivation of macroscopic laws as PDE's from microscopic stochastic dynamics.

Current Position

Full Professor

Mathematics Department

Instituto Superior Técnico

Av. Rovisco Pais 1,

1049-001 Lisboa



Email: pgoncalves@tecnico.ulisboa.pt


*** My previous webpage is 



ERC - Starting Grant 2016


                 Hydrodynamic Limits and Equilibrium Fluctuations:

                    universality from stochastic systems.


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Future conferences and visits:


Thematic program in Probability and PDEs, January-July, Montreal 2021 

Invited speaker.

Encontro Nacional da Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática, July, Portugal.


Particle systems and Partial Differential Equations IX, July, Braga, Portugal.


33rd Coloquio Brasileiro de Matemática, August, IMPA, Brazil.

Invited speaker.


Young European Probability meeting, Eurandom, August, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Invited speaker.


10th International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and its Applications, September, Kyoto.

Invited speaker.

19th International Symposium on Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems, September, Tokyo.

Invited speaker.

Rencontres de probabilites a Rouen, October, Rouen 2021.

Invited speaker.


Fractional Differential Equations, January-April, Cambridge 2022

Invited speaker.